Although plantation shutters and horizontal binds may seem similar, they provide different benefits to your home. It is not easy to settle for one of these just by looking at them, especially if you have used neither of them before. You have to consider a wide range of factors to determine which one of the two actually suits your style.  

Do you prefer the modern clean lines over soft draping? In this case, you will most likely choose binds rather than drapes. This is not the end of the selection process. You have to keep in mind the window space available as well as the material and color you intend to use. The horizontal binds and plantation shutters are easy to customize and both will give that clean and smooth look that is easily customizable.  

Plantation shutters at are normally mounted on to window frame and don't move up and down. You have to use a rod to manipulate the louvres of the shutter at once. If you want to open the entire shutter, you will just have to open it like a door. Horizontal binds, on the other hand, horizontal binds are normally mounted at the top of the window hanging downwards. To open and close the binds, just put on the attached cord. 

While you want to install the best shutters for windows or binds in your home, it cannot be at the expense of the house's good looks. With the horizontal binds and plantation shutters both available in a range of colors and materials, it is easy to select what matches the theme of your home. 

Most plantation shutters are normally made from faux wood with small slats or plain wood, but there are also other options made from vinyl. Blinds, on the other hand, come in many materials including aluminum, and plastic, among others. To read more on the importance of getting the right plantation shutters, go to 

Since the plantation shutters usually fill the entire window frame completely, they help increase your home's energy efficiency. When you select this plantation shutters, you can expect your house to lose very little heat in the winter or gain heat in the summer. While the wooden horizontal binds might act like natural insulators, they usually hang away from the window hence allow heat or cold to enter sometimes when not needed. 


When it comes to the cost, expect to spend more on plantation shutters than on horizontal binds. The shutters are not only durable, but more efficient hence the price tag. Unlike the binds, these shutters need to be installed by professionals for the best results.