Every room in your house, from your living room, bedroom to kitchen serves a different function, so it's crucial to choose the best window blinds. Whether you choose plantation blinds or traditional window shades, they should add beauty to each room and support daily use. To help you decide which style, material, shape, size and color might be the best option for particular home spaces, you will want to familiarize yourself with these simple expert recommendations when choosing window blinds. 

Consider the level of privacy you want your window shutters or blinds to provide in different rooms. For instance, if others can see your bedroom, avoid using sheer shutters or shades that don't cover the whole window. Consider how much privacy the blinds offer you. Some window shutters come with separate control of the top and bottom louvers, a feature that is important when you need some privacy when evening arrives. Unlike most rooms, your kitchen may not require a lot of privacy, but you can have to consider other factors like the ease of care. 

Think of light control when buying window blinds or shutters for windows. How much light do they allow or block in your rooms? Both vertical and horizontal blinds allow perfect control over how much light comes in for an unobstructed view and at what angle. You can tilt the slats to redirect light and also control the degree of light by how open or closed your blind slats are. If you want to filter light indoors, consider cellular or Venetian blinds. To darken rooms during the daytime completely, get room darkening or blackout blinds. These are perfect for TV rooms or rooms where kids sleep. 

Choose window blinds that match your overall house decor. What is your room style? Is it a modern, sleek, classic, romantic or traditional architectural style? The material, color and finish of your window blinds add to the decor of your home. Colors are the prime concern for most homeowners when choosing window blinds. Choose colors that blend in well and finishes that complete the architectural look of your home and interior decor. For instance, bold colors draw attention, shiny finishes give a sleek look, natural looks give a casual feel and wooden and bamboo blinds give a sense of warmth to a room, find shutters near me here! 


Window type and orientation is also crucial when buying plantation blinds and other types of window shutters. Consult a window treatment expert to determine what type of blinds best suit your windows. You should decide what materials are best from wood, vinyl, faux wood, aluminum, bamboo and cellular shades. Consider the care and cleaning needs for the material you choose as well as safety. All windows purchased must meet the current child safety regulations. Follow these recommendations and you will be on your way to buying the best window blinds for your home. If you want to learn more about window shutters, you can visit